My personal language learning journey


Somehow we are all “victims” of an educational system in which our role is quite passive. We listen to the teacher, we nod, sometimes we are allowed to ask a question, but have we really understood? How long before we forget everything?​

I was born into a culturally mixed family, so I juggled Italian and Arabic at the same time. However, I struggled to learn English at school until I discovered that I could learn through music and my pronunciation and speaking skills improved greatly. I gradually developed a method and later unconsciously used it to learn Spanish, French and Portuguese.

In 2013, after my studies and a work experience in London, I started teaching English and Arabic in Italy. It was then that I was confronted with what people were experiencing: frustration, confusion and discouragement. I realised I wasn’t alone, I knew intuitively what to do, but it wasn’t enough. ​

In 2015 I decided to move from Italy to France to improve my French. In Paris I had the opportunity to teach English, Italian and Arabic to French people. Learners needed a safe and personal space where they could ‘tell their story’ in the target language. That’s how Talk Story was born.​

Later in 2020, I became a certified Neurolanguage Coach®. This allowed me to finally back up my knowledge with science. ​

Now based in Vancouver, I coach professionals and business people around the world. My mission is to help them transform from insecure students to confident and independent learners.