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My name is Shahrazad Hassan

“I help language learners become independent and confident speakers”.

Choose to work with me if:

  1. You want a methodology that is based on science.
  2. You want the best language learning experience.
  3. You want a safe and personal space to improve languages.

Before and After

Client Testimonials: Before & After Transformation


  1. “I feel blocked and not comfortable learning languages”
  2. “I am not able to express myself”
  3. “I spend hours just to write an email or prepare a presentation”


  1. “I know how to learn a language by myself. I feel more confident.”
  2. “I stopped translating in my head and started thinking in my target language”
  3. “I have a better understanding of the structure of a sentence”

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Online Italian & Modern Standard Arabic classes

Learn languages from the comfort of your home or your office.


This program is ideal for business professionals. 


This program is perfect if you want a 100% customised experience.


This program is ideal for beginners or if you are on a tight budget.


Languages + Coaching + Neuroscience = Talk Story

Client Testimonials

Don’t take my word for it – here’s what my clients say:

Shara is a great teacher. She will adapt her content and learning method to the student’s needs. Her courses follow specific goals, without ever feeling hard or overwhelming. Kind, patient and caring, Shara leads her students with a positive ambiance that encourages one to keep learning and enjoying the learning process.

Jenny Deniz

Architect DE, @JLL France.

I took Italian lessons with Shahrazad before my trip to Italy—I can’t recommend her enough. The lessons were very well planned, focused on useful vocab/phrasing/situations, and felt very natural and fun. Overall, 10/10 experience!

Gabriel Martini

Account Executive, @BlackLine.

I wanted to brush up my professional Italian to meet customers in Italy. Shahrazad created a program that targeted my needs and helped me build my confidence. Besides Shahrazad gave me a lot of insights on her native Italian culture that made the courses fun. Grazie mille

Jean Baptiste Augeraud

Bid and Project Manager, @Thales Canada.

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Shahrazad Hassan

Neurolanguage Coach, Teacher and Trainer

“Born into a culturally diverse family, I navigated between Italian and Arabic from an early age. Struggling with English at school, I found solace and improvement in British and American pop music. This sparked a methodical journey where I unconsciously applied techniques to master Spanish, French and Portuguese. In 2013, after studying and working in London, I began teaching English and Arabic in Italy, confronting the frustration and confusion many learners faced. Seeking further immersion, I moved to Paris in 2015, offering personalised language coaching sessions where learners could comfortably share their stories. Inspired by this experience, I founded Talk Story. In 2020, I became a certified Neurolanguage Coach®, combining my intuitive methods with scientific support. Now based in Vancouver, I coach professionals around the world, empowering them to transform from insecure students to confident, independent learners.

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